A Crazy Time, But We Made It

Wade and I had a flight to Milwaukee at 1:40 pm from Greenville. I went in to work till 10:45 and Wade went in till 8:30. I got home a little late, but we thought we had plenty of time. We got in our cars and planned to make two stops – one to drop off Wade’s car for repairs and one to leave Madison at the kennel Wade had found. As we were leaving our neighborhood, Wade turned around and headed back to the house. I found out later he had forgotten boxers. I took Madison on to the kennel. When I arrived, I was informed this particular place didn’t board dogs, but they gave me a list of local places. I ran by the repair shop to pick up Wade and we started calling boarding places. We finally found one and dropped Madison off. At this point we also realize Wade’s boxers are still sitting in his car – oh well. We hurry to the airport and make it on board the flight with minutes to spare. We never seem to have an easy trip. Thankfully all of our flights were on time.

We got into Greenville in time for dinner with some work people at a great Tapas restaurant. Then we stopped for frozen custard – one of Wade’s favorite treats – and a popular dessert in Milwaukee.

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