And I Got It For Free

My car was due for an oil change so I took it to the dealership. I had a couple of random items estimated (broken air vent, slash shield, CD player, etc) and was appalled at the price to fix them all. I will either wait or do the work myself. The guy who is supposed to be pulling my car around walks back in the building. He tells me that my battery is dead. The head guy references the receipt in my hand which shows that they tested the battery and it was “good”. They try to jump it and come to tell me that it is dead and must be replaced. (Seems a little fishy because I have had no problems but what do I know.) Because I am at a Honda Dealership they aren’t sure they will have the battery I need for my Acura. The man returns to tell me that they do have the battery but it will cost $120. I asked him how much labor is and he told me $40. I asked him to jump my car and sell me the battery and I would install it at home. He left and returns with my car 15 minutes later. He told me he couldn’t let me go home with a dead battery and a new one sitting in the car – he went ahead and had it replaced for no charge. I thanked him but I was thinking to myself “I really could have put it in myself. I have done it before.”

  1. Holly,
    This is Nick, for those parts you need fixed join and look on there. You can find parts cheap! They may be used but most are in good shape because the owners usually pull things to replace with aftermarket goodies. I’ll keep an eye out as well been really busy with school and things but if i see anything I’ll let you know.

  2. Thanks Nick! I’ll look into that.

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