Road Trip

Wade and I spent most of the summer at home, but our weekend trips have begun. We left work early on Friday and started our second drive in a couple weeks to Paducah. This drive was much better – no rain, no traffic, no trailer. But 8 hours in the car is still 8 hours. We got home in time to have dinner at Chong’s with mom.

Saturday was spent trying to squeeze a bunch of errands into a few hours. We moved a couch, saw the Upshaws’ new house, sold a chandelier, did some shopping, and had lunch at El Chico. Then Wade went to his grandparents and mom and I did some serious shopping. How strange is it that Paducah has a Limited (my current favorite store for dress pants) and Greenville doesn’t?

I joined Wade at his grandparents’ house in time for dinner. Wade had spent the day doing chores – installing a new garbage disposal, fixing the phone, fixing the answering machine, repairing the wind chimes, etc. We all went out for dinner at Olive Garden (Papa’s pick) and then visited till bed time. Madison got quite a bit of attention and more than enough scraps from Granny and Papa.

Sunday came a little too early. Madison decided 6:30 was a good time to want to go outside. At home she sleeps till 9! We joined Granny and Papa for church and then began the long drive home.

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