Boiler Room

Wade and I tried a new church today. The first round of songs were good, the sermon was interesting, and then it went downhill. The song leader got extremely emotional (to the point of not being able to understand his words) and the singing went on and on and on. I think we will not be going back.

The meeting tonight, however, was great. When Wade and I first joined the host team at Catalyst Church, the group met every other week for potluck and Bible study at a member’s house. For various reasons, this meeting eventually came to an end. Wade and I (and a few other couples) have decided to bring back the potluck and time of sharing. The group is called “The Boiler Room” from the book Red Moon Rising – see Wade’s logo below:

Our mission statement is “Connect with others. Share our experience. Support the Kingdom” and we plan to meet the first and third Sunday evening of every month. If you are in the area, just email for directions. Tonight we grilled out, got to know the new faces, discussed the book mentioned above, and generally had a fun time.

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