Family Time

Wade and I left work early on Friday and started the long (very long) drive to Paducah. We left work at lunch, loaded up Madison, and hooked up the trailer with the extra couch and hope chests we didn’t want to store. The drive would have been perfect if we could have avoided Atlanta. We hit it at rush hour, during a rain storm. The 30 mile stretch took us 2.5 hours. Thank goodness I had a movie and Wade had an audio book.

We arrived in Paducah around 10 pm and made a quick stop to say hi to mom before driving to dad’s house. Dad and Laura had El Chico chips and cheese waiting so we talked and munched awhile before heading to bed.

All Saturday was spent playing at the pool. Madison got along well with the three resident dogs. The horses were intriguing until she got close enough to realize how big they were. Then she ran the other way. Frank (the yellow lab) is fascinated by the water jets in the pool. He will stand for hours trying to paw and bite the bubbles. He is also a great retriever and will even dive for his plastic fish. Eventually he gets tired of fetch and tries to run off with the fish.

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