Wade / Toadfrogs

My Desk is Curing

Wade spent the rest of the weekend building and painting my desk. He got most of it done yesterday and even got up early this morning to spray a final coat of paint before church. We went to a new church, met Nate and Michelle for lunch, and watched the storm clouds move in. We hurried home from Greenville just in time to rescue the desk from a down pour. Wade spent some time working on spacing and leveling.

I learned from our last run in with enamel paint not to handle or place anything on the surface for a long time. I waited 48 hours last time and still messed up the top. This time I am thinking a week. Then I will have a finished, usable desk.

  1. love the desk! yall are so talented. now i really want a new desk!!

  2. I’m very excited about my new desk, but a year and a half was a long wait.

  3. Be sure to let the desk “cure” for a long time. I have discovered, through errors, that humidity has a lot to do with it. I seriously would consider waiting a couple of weeks Hollywood. It looks great!!!!!

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