Oh Happy Days!

We have lots of tools at our house. Wade and I both brought quite a few to the marriage and we have accumulated even more in our 2.5 years living together. Some things we consider jointly owned and others have a specific owner. I have my own drill and orbital sander. I do not have my own belt sander. However that seems to be one of the tools I use the most. I have been working around lots of Ridgid and Ryobi tools and really want a Ridgid belt sander (I like the orange). I tried to buy one at the last tool sale but they were only sold in combo kits. Then I randomly found one in an extra cubicle of my department. I did the good thing and found the department owner (I have no idea how it got in one of my cubicles). I let him know I knew of a good home for it, but he took it anyway. Then today he brought it back!! Now I can’t wait to go home and find a new project. I think I am going to bake him cookies!

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