Spring Cleaning

I have tweaked my list of links over the years, but I tend to add and never subtract. As of today, if nothing has been posted in this calendar year (2007) then I am removing the link. Below is a list of the updated links and who/what the link is:
Mike’s Blog – I met Mike and Sarah Diehl while living in DC and before they were married. We ran into Mike at a church we were visiting and invited him to trivia. He came and brought his roommate Rob and we quickly formed the “dinner group”.
Traci’s Blog – Traci and her roommate, Cassie, lived in the same complex as Mike when I was in DC. They were a big part of our “dinner group”.
Rob’s Blog – Rob was Mike’s roommate. Rob now lives in Atlanta and is getting his Master’s in ID at Tech. Rob and Mike used to host the big Halloween Parties we go to in DC. Rob dates Sarah who moved from DC to Atlanta so that they could be together.
Sarah’s Blog – Sarah is Rob’s girlfriend. She and Rob started dating after I left DC, but I feel like I know her. She writes fun blog entries.
Mike 2’s Blog – Mike is a friend of Rob’s from college. He and his wife, Rob, and Sarah all live in the same apartment complex in Atlanta. I have met him a few times, but I don’t know him well. I got to his blog from Rob’s. He writes hilarious entries.
Steven’s Blog – Although Steven and I were at Tech at the same time, I met him through a friend in DC. He wanted to work at the patent office. When I lived in Atlanta he lived a few streets away. Now he still works in Atlanta and dates a nice girl.
Lindsay’s Blog – Lindsay was one of the first people I met at Catalyst Church. Very active and always friendly, Lindsay always has something going on.
Upshaw’s Pictures – I have mentioned the story behind Toadfrogs and Elephants before. Ben Upshaw was an original Toadfrog. He married Stephanie and they now have a daughter, Liza, and a second daughter due in October.
Melilla’s Blog – I met Travis Jones while at Governor Scholar’s Program in high school. We have kept up through the years and this is a blog about his daughter.
Matt’s Gallery – Matt Hodges was one of the first friends I made in DC. He was always up for a lively debate or any other crazy stunt I had planned. Matt recently passed away, but I am not ready to remove his gallery from my list.
Mission to Ethiopia – Lea Ann and her husband, Jim, were the very fist people we met at Catalyst Church. She and her husband took a mission trip to Ethiopia and are planning another one soon.
American Brittany Rescue – Wade and I often take in foster dogs for this rescue group. If anyone wants a dog, there are lots of sweet ones.
Shiny Shiny – Some days I get bored. I look at techy things.
Pop Gadget – Some days I am really bored. Then I look at wacky things.

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