Visitor in Town

Emily arrived late last night. We spent the day in Greenville running errands and showing Emily the towns (Anderson and Greenville). We all took a late afternoon nap and then cooked a low sodium dinner of beef kabobs.

While in Greenville, I picked up an item I have been wanting for a while. When Mom came to visit a few months ago we did some shopping in Greenville. I found a teapot that I fell in love with, but I don’t serve tea and I didn’t really have a place for it. I didn’t buy it, but it arrived in the mail as an Easter present from Mom. I loved it but still didn’t have a place for it. When I saw mom in Atlanta for Dorothy’s funeral, she gave me a table she had found. It goes perfectly in my dining room corner with the tea pot sitting out. Then I decided that I needed the matching tea cups. Now I smile every time I look in my dining room.

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