Movie Reviews

I mention that Wade and I don’t have time for movies and then we see two in one week.
We watched “Prime” from Netflix and both enjoyed a night on the couch. A 37 year old woman is having a difficult life and seeing a therapist. She finalizes her divorce and meets a guy, a younger guy. It turns out the 23 year old guy is the therapist’s son. The therapist realizes this early on but decides to keep treating the woman because that is what is best for her patient.

Tonight we went to see Spiderman 3. A friend had bought us tickets in advance, which we left on the kitchen table and had to go back home for. We called to make sure someone was saving us a seat and were told not to worry about it. The EMTs were there because someone had dislocated their knee – the movie was going to start late. We arrived just in time. The movie was about what I expected. I wasn’t a big fan of the other two Spiderman movies. I still liked the action, but most of the comic book movies are much better (in my opinion). Anyway, it was a nice way to spend a few hours, but I’m not raving over it. Topher was an unexpected, but cute surprise.

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