We Have Finally Broken Down

After three years of living in houses, we have finally bought a real lawn mower. When we first married, Wade and I both wanted a “real mower” – the old fashioned kind with only spinning blades and no motor. That worked fine until the blades became dull. We even found someone to sharpen them. Then we realized that most of our grass is actually weeds, which the mower doesn’t get as well. I was spending more time using the weed eater on the lawn than using the mower. To that end, we now have a mower. Wade tried it out today and the yard looks great.

  1. a “real” mower eh? Sad to see you guys leave green side. Perhaps you can break it out again when you have grass. Hope you guys already put out the anti-crabgrass for the season.

  2. Next year is the outside year. We’ve spent the first year in the house working on the inside. Next year we paint the house and work on getting real grass. The problem is when we kill all the weeds we just have mud – no grass. We tried that last year. Wade misses the “real mower” and is keeping it so he can go back to it as soon as we have a nice lawn.

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