Retail Therapy

Today we returned to being a one dog household. I drove to Blacksburg, SC to meet our state coordinator for the rescue group. She took both Jack and Remington to her house till they can be transported on. I forgot to bring a kennel and the two dogs were fighting in the backseat. I decided the easiest solution was to have Jack in my lap. He is a very small Brittany and prefers to be near me anyway. I have to admit, it was a little hard to say goodbye to Jack. The nut named Remington is pictured below.

After leaving Blacksburg, I decided to stop at the outlets in Gaffney – I had to drive right by them. I was looking for dress pants, but ended up with quite a few tops and some khakis. I went directly from the outlets to the mall in Greenville. I was going to make a return, but I definitely bought more than I returned. I now have new pants, new tops, a new ring, new candles, new bathmats, a new wreath, and printer paper. I actually think most of my to-do list got done. Now Wade and I are about to enjoy some Wedgy’s pizza.

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