You’ll Never Guess What We Did This Weekend

Wade and I had a long weekend. (I was about to say “his company”, but it is now “our company”.) Our company gives Good Friday as a holiday. Wade also took off Thursday (he has more vacation than I do). We worked on the house! Wade aerated the lawn, seeded new grass, cleaned his office, painted his old entertainment center, worked on the lady’s house I talked about last weekend, and stripped paint off the back door frame. I worked on the back door. You thought we were done with doors, didn’t you? This is the big heavy back door – the one with a lock. We were trying to get it done over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. It turns out the door had to be sanded down to wood. Someone had put the wrong kind of paint on the door so it was cracking and peeling. I spent hours hunched over the door using a heat gun, belt sander, and orbital sander. I finally got the first coat of paint on the door on Saturday evening.

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