I Need Toothpaste

I am writing this post strictly as a reminder to me. Wade and I have been using up all the small tubes of toothpaste we tend to accumulate. I don’t like mint toothpaste so I am using the regular paste and he has a mint flavor. We are on the last two tubes. I have just enough to brush my teeth tonight. The problem is I have been trying to remember to buy toothpaste for a week. If I don’t remember to get some today, I’ll be in trouble tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is church and we have to get up very early – too early to have time for a toothpaste run. If anyone happens to read this and wants to call and remind me to buy toothpaste – that would be awesome!

  1. Thanks for the text message Johnna! I did remember the toothpaste so Wade and I had freshly brushed teeth at church this morning.

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