House Hunting

Michelle is getting serious about the house hunting so I have spent the last few days looking at houses with her. We met for lunch and then hopped in a minivan with a crazy man and his wife. He’s a crazy man because of his driving, but he did get us to every location without a scratch. The cute little couple drove us everywhere from Anderson to Easley to Williamston. After two days of looking, Michelle had narrowed it down to three houses she really liked. This makes Nathan’s job easy. He just has to see the three houses and say yes or no. They ended the loop in Anderson and we hung out for a while and then went to the Rocket Donkey (Mexican food) for dinner. The real name of the restaurant is not the Rocket Donkey. However, they have a menu item that translates to the Rocket Donkey and the name has stuck.
The remainder of the day Wade and I spent on house projects. Wade took off the kitchen door and I chipped paint and then sanded it down. Wade got the back door ready to hang and then created a master layout for his shop that should allow for easy use of all of his tools.

  1. Is it just me, or has this door project lasted forever? Maybe I missed something and you are working on more than one door…

  2. I am working on a new door and Wade is hanging the door I have been talking about forever. I’ll have before and after pictures of that one up tomorrow (I hope). The door I am currently working on is the door from the mud room to the kitchen. A previous owner kept a dog in the mud room that scratched up the door pretty bad.

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