A Day of Little Things

I was determined to finish things today. I put the last coat of paint on the door frame, put up the last polished hinge on the front door, moved my monitor/tv to the kitchen, got the last of the tax documents together, took two trash bags of packing peanuts to be recycled, sent emails out about a home for Jack, and then I took something off Wade’s list. Last year my mom came to visit and we mulched all the beds around the house – 13 cubic yards of mulch. At the time, we noticed that the paving stones in the side yard were pretty much buried. It became Wade’s job to dig them out, but it never got done. I decided that surely I could do it with a shovel. I had trouble with a few – they were much bigger than I thought. I couldn’t dead lift any of them, but I did get all fifteen of them dug out. Now they need a little bit of mulch around them to flatten them out. The funny thing is that no one ever sees the side yard. It is a small space between our house and our neighbor’s. I can see the bushes out our windows, but not the stepping stones. At least now I will have a path when I go to fill the hummingbird feeder.

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