Social Hour

Today was one big social hour. I talked to Michelle on the phone for a couple of hours. She and her husband are looking for houses and I was stressing how nice the Anderson area is. I managed to squeeze some painting and laundry into my day before we left the house for bible study. But bible study turned out to be dinner at Brixx. We had only four people (two couples) and there was a mix up with the DVD. In the end, we decided to just have dinner and spend time talking. Daniel and Wade must live on the same random planet because they just start a crazy conversation and keep feeding off of each other. It makes for a lot of laughs.

My favorite line of the night: The waitress asked Wade if he wanted Parmesan cheese on his cheese and pepperoni pizza. He told her, “No Thanks. I am allergic to cheese.” She just smiled and walked away. We all looked at each other and laughed – she definitely didn’t get the joke.

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