On The Go

Church Sundays are always busy days. Wade and I tried to get to church on time but we were our normal 15 minutes late. We still got there before the host team and I got my part set up in Waumba Land. Wade bombarded Michelle and Nate and informed them they were going to lunch with us. They’re easy going people so they said that worked for them. You know you are on the road to becoming good friends when – we all arrived at the previously chosen restaurant (McAllister’s) and we realized two (from different couples) out of the four people didn’t want to eat there but hadn’t said anything to be nice. We walked out the door and all happily met up again at Schlotzsky’s.

Wade and I left lunch and drove to Uncle John and Aunt Louise’s house. We borrowed their trailer and dropped a hint about the new puppy we should be getting next week to foster. Then we headed for Atlanta. We arrived at the furniture store just in time to pick up our new couch before they closed. Our next stop was Brad and Ryan’s superbowl party. A lot has changed since the last time I saw the guys – they both have girlfriends and Brad has a new car. We watched the game on a 60″ flat screen and ate all kinds of goodies. We got home and then had to get our new couch inside. Wade and I did it by ourselves and didn’t even mess up the couch!

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