All the Way from South Carolina for Me?

Today was a hectic day. I spent the morning in Atlanta at work, ran an errand, drove to Anderson, cooked dinner for the Millers, picked Wade up at the airport, delivered dinner to the Millers, and then finally spent some time at home.

The funny story of the day occurs during my errand in Atlanta. I had gotten a new pair of pants at Christmas that needed to be hemmed. I also needed a new pocket in my peacoat. I haven’t found a person to do alterations in Anderson and I love the little Chinese woman I have in Atlanta. I decided to take the things to her and then pick them up when I could. As I was dropping off the items I realized Wade and I would be driving back through Atlanta on Monday. I asked the lady if I could pick them up then and she replied, “What about Tuesday?” I told her I had recently moved to South Carolina and didn’t come to Atlanta very often but I would just wait and pick them up the next time I was in town. She gets this surprised look on her face and says in her heavy accent, “You moved to South Carolina and still bring your clothes to me? They will be ready on Monday”. Isn’t she cute?

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