Almost, Almost

Wade spent the morning at work (yes, I know it’s a Saturday) and I spent the morning being a bum. I did get motivated to start back to running. I was consistently running three miles, five days a week and then it got cold. Part of my motivation might have been the 70 degree weather we are having.

GaTech played Clemson today in basketball and we saw it in person. The Floyds’ (Patty, Kenny, and their daughter Mandy) are all big Clemson fans so we decided who better to go to the game with, plus they have connections for getting tickets. The five us found our seats (nice padded, purple seats with orange paw prints on them) and watched an amazing game. The final score was 75-74 with Clemson winning in the last two seconds. I hate that we lost, but WOW what a game! There was a Mellow Mushroom (one of my favorite pizza places) located on the edge of campus so we all had pizza and planned an upcoming trip to Atlanta for the next game between Tech and Clemson.

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