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The Fifth, Six, and Seventh Christmases – in Paducah

Dad, Laura, Ken, Sonya, Guy, Wade, and I all got ready early for church at the lake. After church we picked up a car in Calvert City and drove it back to Paducah to help out the Sieners. Then it was time for brunch – cheese grits, ham, and crabs. On full stomachs we went upstairs and opened presents. I got the best Christmas present – a new computer. And it is RED! I didn’t actually get it yet, but it should be shipped to my house sometime next week.

After presents, Wade and I drove to my mom’s house. We each opened a present and then did a lot of cooking and packing of the cars.

Surprisingly, my family was the first to appear at Grandma’s House. We are normally always the last, especially since the rest of the family lives within walking distance. We unloaded the cars, helped a little with cooking, and then got to eating. I love family meals with my Grandmother’s homemade macaroni and cheese. I only get it a few times a year. I actually had three plates full. It was very odd at Grandma’s – Jeremy, Christina, Addi, Melissa, and Chris were all missing this year. We had a fun time and then headed to the candlelit ceremony at church.

We got back to mom’s house around 11:30 pm. We were all tired and decided to open only a few presents. I warmed up some El Chico cheese and chips and we got started and forgot to stop. Mom even found a few items I had wanted that were no longer for sale. We opened all of our presents and didn’t go to bed till 2 am.

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