I am a Master at Being Late

My friend Kendall invited me to a bible study. I thought, sure, I have plenty of time. I knew the group met at 9 on Monday mornings in Greenville. I had directions from Kendall and from the internet. I left my house at 8, which should have given me plenty of time. I showed up at 9:30. I finally walk in to the correct place and find Kendall and a group of older ladies – I was embarrassed. I felt a little better when one of the women told me a road had been closed that was on my directions. I blamed it all on becoming too dependent on my car’s navigational system. My car is in the shop being repaired so I have a little tiny rental car with no extras. The bible study was good once I got there. Now I have lots of homework to do before next Monday.

  1. I am totally dependent on my navigation system too–when I go somewhere out of town, I realize that if I had to find my way back, I would have no idea how to even get back to my hotel if “Accurate Annie,” as we call her, took the day off!

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