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A Day in Front of the Fire

Today was a great family day. The entire family woke up around 9 am. Melissa ran out to get us all donuts and then we sat around in our pajamas till 11 am. We talked, ate, read, slept, etc. There was talk of decorating the tree. We even pulled out the box of ornaments, but all of the ornaments are still in the box.

Kate, one of my friend’s from high school, brought her husband, Scott, and daughter, Taylor, by for a visit. They live in Florida and I definitely don’t get to see them often enough.

Kate’s daughter, Taylor, loves dogs. Thank goodness Tubbles is great with kids.

Taylor quickly learned that the dogs love treats. She would get a chip, split it in two, and then feed both dogs. The best was when she tried to ride Madison like a horse. Madison started running from Taylor at that point. Tubbles was more inclined to just sit there.

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