Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

Posing for a J. Crew Ad

Kendall and James invited us to spend the afternoon at the lake. It was a gorgeous day in Anderson so we quickly agreed. By the time we arrived at the lake in the mountains of North Carolina it was quite chilly. We all decided that playing card games by a fire sounded more fun than a boat ride on the lake. After a little searching, Wade found the wood and we had an awesome fire going and a deck of cards. We taught Kendall to play Spades and then she and Wade creamed James and I. Wade said we looked like a J. Crew ad. Young people around a fire in a woodsy lodge.

Wade convinced James and Kendall to keep playing cards even after they should have left to make their dinner reservations. Instead, Wade and I crashed the party joined the three other couples for dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Like I ever turn down Mexican!

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