Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs


I made cookies again – with new baking soda and new baking powder. They were perfect. I no longer feel like a baking failure. The sad thing is I have made so many cookies lately that I am sick of them. At least I know I can make them if I want.

Our small group (aka bible study) meets on Monday nights at James and Kendall’s house in Greenville. Wade and I both had bad headaches, but we showed up with smiles on our faces. We were all downstairs talking when a pitcher of ice tea cracked in half. Suddenly Wade, me, the floor, the rug, the table, and the dog were all covered in ice tea. Talk about a wake up call! We got everything cleaned up and then sat down to begin the bible study. Then we discovered the DVD wasn’t in the case. We all decided to make it a social event – one couple was missing anyway – they had been to DC to run the Marine Corps Marathon. Here is a picture of the group minus the Wybengas.

Top Row – Jake Miller, Wesley Harden, Kendall Pickens, James Pickens
Bottom Row – Me, Kristi Miller, Caroline Harden, Wade

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