We Started Our Trip with a Bang

Wade and I left around 2 pm for our annual trip to Washington DC for a Halloween Party. This year we decided to drive instead of fly. The thinking was we now lived a little closer and our costumes wouldn’t have to be packed away and then repaired upon arrival. You know what they say about the greatest plans…. About 80 miles into our 500+ mile trip, a car ran into my back bumper. I don’t really fault the driver. The rain was bad. Everyone in front of me was stopping suddenly for another wreck. The red pickup truck directly behind me had to swerve to the side to avoid hitting me. The small car behind him had no idea what was going on. Thank goodness only my bumper is cracked and we can continue on the trip. The worst part was waiting 2 hours for the police to arrive.

The crazy part is Mandy, a girl from our church, recognized us on the side of the road and pulled over – this is about 2 minutes after the wreck. Before I was even off the phone with 911, other friends from church were calling to check on us. What a cool group!

A side note on the intelligence of policemen. A single cop handled all three accidents in our immediate area. He started with the wreck farthest away. To get to the second wreck, he backed up the interstate. I’m so glad we have fine law-abiding citizens to uphold the law!

The cops finally finished up our police report and we continued on our journey. It rained the entire way, which played havoc with the traffic. The 7.5 hour trip took a total of 12+ hours. We got to my Aunt and Uncle’s house a little after 1 am.

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