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To Memphis and Back in 36 Hours

Wade took off from work after lunch on Tuesday and we started our trip to Memphis. For this one we left the dogs at home with an intern from Wade’s work. It is very convenient to have people without homes or families who don’t mind staying at our house. We got to the Burch house around 9 pm and visited for a while.

The visitation was at 10 am today, followed by the funeral at 11. There was quite a bit of family – the favorites being Wade’s little cousins Marie and Tina.

Directly from the funeral we started the long drive to Anderson. We did make a stop in Madison, AL to have dinner with our friend from college, Daniel. We were dropping him off in his work parking lot when I heard someone calling my name. I turn around and one of my sorority sisters from college is walking towards me. I knew Tracey had moved to the area, but I didn’t realize she worked for the same company as Daniel. Do you hear the tune, “It’s a small world, after all” playing in your head?

  1. I am glad you two had a safe trip. Tell Wade I am thinking about him and the family. I tried to find the obit in The Commercial Appeal, but had problems with their site.
    On a side note, Johnna will be so angry with you when she reads the end of this entry. You know how she is with those six words.

  2. It’s too late…it’s already stuck in my head!!! UGH!!

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