Flat Goes My Tire

My car is too smart for my own good. While leaving a friend’s house the other day, a new light appeared on my dash. After consulting the manual, I realized the tire pressure in one of my tires was low. I looked at the tire and it didn’t look flat, but I wasn’t sure how far to drive on it. I ended up finding a gas station with air a mile down the road. I filled up the tire and thought the problem was solved. The next day I had an oil change so I know the tire pressure was checked again. Then the following day at 4:50 pm, I got in my car to run some errands. The light on the dash told me the tire pressure (in the same tire) was once again low. At this point I realized maybe I had a hole in my tire. Sure enough, there was a nail. I rushed to a Firestone (I wanted it fixed that day) and they fixed my tire. Now it is good as new. Next time I will check for something in the tire instead of just filling it up with air. Smart aren’t I?

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