British TV is Not for Me

Netflix is a great thing. It allows me to get all kinds of movies and tv shows delivered to my door. When I am finished, I just put them back in the mail. One of the netflix services is to suggest movies and tv shows based off of your rating of shows you have watched. One of the suggested shows was the British tv show – MI-5. I thought it sounded like Alias – a fast paced, action driven show. I watched three seasons and I think I am done with it. The episodes are 58 minutes long – an American TV show is 42 minutes at the longest. The show just seems to drag. The characters might be spies, but they don’t live very exciting lives. They don’t even carry guns or have cool toys. Not to mention that over only three seasons all of the original (and some of the second round) characters have been killed and replaced. I gave it a fair shot, but enough is enough.

I have to admit that I did like one British tv show – Coupling was very good.

  1. I was just about to remind you of coupling! I’m a big fan of Keen Eddie too. As for newer ones, AE (I think anyway) is playing Hustle which is pretty enjoyable. But then the brits always seem to downplay the violence in the interest of character deveolopemnt. Perhaps that’s not your thing… 😉

  2. Character development? Pooh. I want to see something blow up!

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