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Cute Kids and Football

Wade and I are playing flag football. Some of the guys at his work organized a co-ed team and we all got together for our first practice. After practice the entire team headed down town for food and drinks. The discussion turned to movies – specifically Ong Bak, The Thai Warrior. I blogged about it earlier here. Most of us agreed it was an awesome movie and made plans to see his new movie, The Protector.

Ryan and Keefe had not seen the first movie so they stopped by to pick it up. Their daughter Etta is a big fan of dogs. Here she is getting kisses from Madison.

Later that evening we did see The Protector. I was sadly disappointed. Some of the fighting was cool, but there was no where enough knees and elbows. The movie came across as a foreign filmed that was Americanized. There was some English, some Thai, and no plot. Oh well, it wasn’t a horrible hour and a half. There was even an unexpected cameo.

  1. Okay – is Etta not to die for? How adorable is she!!!! Too cute. And Madison seems to love her as well. I can’t wait for you and Wade to have babies!!!!

  2. Maybe by the time we have babies, Madison won’t have to be held back for fear of scratching the kid. She’ll be old and calm.

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