We Have Visitors

We have visitors for the holiday weekend. My mom drove down with her friends, Carolyn and Jay Siener. Jay is a home builder/renovator and offered his help on projects. My mom and Carolyn offered their help with decorating. Wade and I jumped at the offers.

After a long day of working outside and in the attic, I now have a water spout in the backyard. I was having to use a pitcher of water to fill the dog’s water bowl. There was a water spout on the inside of the garage closest to the house. Jay and Wade ran pipe up that wall, across the garage, and out the other side. Now I can easily water the dogs. Maybe I’ll even look into an automatic water bowl. Lazy aren’t I?

Mom and Carolyn were a lot of help, but I think my favorite was the jar of berries for my bedroom. Simple but pretty.

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