A Poke, a Scratch, and a Patch

On Sunday, before tackling the wiring in the shop, I was outside pulling weeds. I leaned over to pull while talking to Wade and got poked in the eye by the dried stalk of a day lily. My vision was blurry for a while, but I was fine the rest of the night. Then I woke up today and my eye wouldn’t open. When I did get it open it just watered nonstop. Mom said I probably scratched it and needed to keep it covered for 24 hours – so here comes the patch. The worst part was my other eye wouldn’t stay open by itself. I guess it didn’t like doing all the work. So here I am at home, feeling fine, and all I can do is listen to a book on tape. I did take three naps and go to bed at 9:30.

  1. Hey, how is your eye doing now? Hope it’s okay!

  2. All better! It was just two days of pain and not being able to do anything – very annoying.

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