Save a Dog Here and There

I made the decision recently to join the American Brittany Rescue Organization. They have the cutest pictures of displaced dogs online. They also desperately need foster homes for dogs. From the website, I understand that they are only in foster homes from 2-6 weeks. I thought, “I can do that!” Plus I can see how Madison does with another dog in the house – for down the road when we might get a second dog. Wade seemed agreeable with the understanding that all the work would fall to me.

I turned in an application and got a phone call the same night. The coordinator for South Carolina had a dog in Anderson she wanted me to check out. I was to go to the shelter and determine if the dog was a mix or pure bred. Sadly, the group only handles pure breds. I told her I had a Brittany but I wasn’t sure I could determine a mix from a pure bred. She said that Brittany’s cannot have black noses and either have a nub of a tail or a feathered tail.

I haven’t been in an animal shelter for a long time. They stink! We couldn’t find the dog in the main section so the lady took me into the back. She warned me before entering, but there are 6-10 dogs in each tiny dogrun with no food or water. It was heartbreaking. The dog at the shelter did have a black nose and didn’t have the right tail, but he was so cute. I hated to leave him!

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