Fun New Toys

Way back in April, my dad and Laura gave me the promise of a new washing machine for my birthday. Due to one thing or another (mostly studying for my test), I haven’t picked one out before now. However, Wade did some research and we had brand a washing machine and matching dryer delivered today. In the long term plans for the house, we will have a separate laundry room and a counter top will be built over the washer/dryer. For now, I am just glad the washing machine doesn’t groan and beep and shake all over the place.

  1. i really enjeoyd listening to this interview~ Austin seems to have had a similar experience to me, where we really enjeoyd our first experience in Korea, so much so that we came back for a second year of teaching!His Korean skills are really good, he sounds very fluent and confident! It’s inspiring !!Thank you for sharing, as always.

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