A Visit from Sally

Sally has made herself scarce lately, but she appeared today. Sally has a bad habit of making people uncomfortable. She stands too close to me and invades my personal space. Whenever we have a conversation, I feel like she is too intense. She stands extremely close, hangs on every word, and stares at me for the duration of the conversation. It is extremely unnerving and I feel the need to ramble.

  1. I have a Sammy who is quite similar. He has no idea that you should stand at least an arm’s length away from people to talk to them, especially when you are NOT in close quarters!
    Speaking of too close, I went to Best Buy last night and they have a little thing where you wait behind the rope until it’s your turn. Only one register was open and while I was waiting, a couple came right up behind me to wait too. When it was my turn, I moved to the cash register and this couple came too, and stood less than 1 foot away from me. The guy even set his drink in my way on the counter, preventing me from using the keypad for my PIN. I asked him to move his drink, and the girl started mouthing off about it!!! I was so furious!!!!! If Nick would have been beside me to back me up, I would have told them that standing close to me wasn’t going to make the line move any faster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We had a similar incident at the airport waiting in the line to report missing baggage. Everyone seemed to think if they stood really close behind you the line would move faster. Then all these people started making those little comments under their breath about the bad service, how difficult flying has become, why is the woman behind the counter laughing and not working, etc. I thought the whole thing was ridiculous.

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