Early Celebrating and Presents

Because Wade and I will be on a ship for our Anniversary, we decided to celebrate before we left for Alaska. Wade had taken the day off work so we got up late and I cooked a big breakfast, or I tried to cook a big breakfast. I found two recipes in my Barefoot Contessa cookbook that looked really good – Herb flavored Eggs and Chive Biscuits. The eggs were extremely heavy on the butter and dill and the biscuits were rather flat. Since I know the recipes from this cookbook are normally really good, I think the error must have been with the cook.

Wade and I have never been very traditional so our anniversary gifts weren’t the typical second year cotton theme. I gave Wade a laminate trimmer and the Readymade book. He gave me an awesome portable DVD player – just in time for our day of traveling. Did I mention it is red? A coworker of his had gone to Hong Kong for work and brought it back for me. I love it!

Wade and I left Anderson and leisurely drove down to Atlanta. We had reservations at a Bed and Breakfast in Virginia Highlands called the Gaslight Inn. What a cool house! Wade said he chose the Ivy Cottage for us because it reminded him of the room he always used when he visited my mom’s house. When we returned from dinner, the owner had placed fresh flowers and a Happy Anniversary card in our room.

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