The Laptop Wars Continue

I picked up my laptop to do a little work and it slipped out of my hand. I reacted quickly enough to slow the fall, but the laptop still hit the tile floor. I tried to turn it on and nothing happened – nothing. I plugged it in and nothing happened – no blinking charging light. I left it alone for a few hours and it seems the laptop fairies visited. There is now a blinking light to tell me it is charging and boots up. I’m just going to ignore the fact that it randomly shuts itself down on occasion. That will fix itself too, right?

  1. Oh, I did that a while back and everything was fine except my wireless card got knocked out of place. Somehow Nick jiggled it just right and it seems to be fine now.
    Are you still covered under the warranty? Might want to get it checked out. (Hopefully the computer company doesn’t read your blog!)

  2. Sadly my computer is a long time out of warranty. This one isn’t a wireless card issue – it’s a heat issue and a power issue. It works best when it is plugged into the wall and doesn’t have the battery in. Sometimes it works for 10 minutes and sometimes for an hour. Wade took it apart last night, but he said it should probably go back to Sony. I think I want a new laptop!

  3. So I’m in the market for a laptop myself and have been seriously considering the Sony… Should I reconsider? Mind you I don’t plan to be playing Basketball with my notebook, but still… what are your feelings so far?

  4. I have had my vaio for three years and it has been back to Sony three times – once for a new touchpad, once for a new motherboard, and once for a new fan for the processor (not counting the current issues.) I bought the computer because it was the lightest with the most battery life and a DVD player when I was buying. I would honestly say I have been pleased, but I’m not sure my next laptop will be a Sony. My dad has one of the TX’s and loves it.

  5. Ahem….it’s been a while since you posted. Is your computer working yet?

  6. You know we have no lives and yet you keep us in suspense of your next post… Why must you toil with my mind in these ways!

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