Wade / Holly / Toadfrogs

Raging Water and Huge Trees

Today started off with a big breakfast – typical with a bed and breakfast. We are staying at the Wicky-up Ranch Bed and Breakfast and there was another young couple we really liked – Holly and Jay.
The rest of the day, Wade and I spent hiking in the Sequoia National Park. Monica (the hostess at the B&B) had pointed out a few “must sees”. I enjoyed the drive up, but I think Wade would have been car sick for sure if he wasn’t driving. There were lots and lots of switchbacks. The first stop was the General Sherman Tree, which I must admit is huge! The next stop was a hike that ended with an amazing waterfall. Wade and I had lunch at the bottom of the falls and then did some “off trailing”. We climbed maybe half way up the falls over huge boulders – lots of fun. I did get quite a sunburn, but well worth it. After we had been so impressed with this waterfall, we decided to continue on to King’s Canyon to see two more waterfalls that were just off the road. Neither was as impressive as the first one, but still amazing sights.

Wade and I took the long way home, grabbed dinner at Applebee’s, and were in bed by eleven o’clock!

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