Check One Off

I feel like my to do list just keeps growing and growing. The painting never ends. Things have to be done before and after the painting. Blah Blah Blah

I recently started painting the trim in the hallway. This means all the doors are taken outside. Then I decided that the inside of the closets should be painted too. That means I have to take everything out of the closets. The logical place to put all the stuff is in the dining room, but the dining room is full of all the stuff that goes in my office. It’s not in my office yet because I don’t have a desk built.

Well, I took charge today. I cleaned out the dining room and neatly unpacked my office. Not to mention taking quite a bit of stuff to the attic. For those of you who have never seen my house, these pictures won’t mean much. Mom will get it .

On a side note: You see we have acquired a foosball table. A friend down the street is a fan of yard sales and picked it up for $10. She didn’t have room for it so it now lives at our house. It will most likely stay in the dining room until we have a dining room table. In case you didn’t know, there is nowhere to buy foosballs in Anderson. However, both John and I picked up some when we were in Atlanta. We now have 12 foosballs so come on over and play.

  1. wow is that the same room!! you worked hard

  2. Yes I did. I was very proud of myself.

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