I lost

My computer and I have been having a small war. It likes to run very slowly or not at all. Wade can normally work his magic, but not this time. My laptop is now in the hands of Sony Service and will hopefully come back with a new fan and a working PCMCIA slot – very important for my wireless internet. The funny thing is I keep debating about buying a new one, but never quite want to commit. Oh well, there will be a lack of posting till I get my computer back.

  1. Don’t buy anything until August if you do… Intel will release their newest processor on July 26th or so (I could be off a few days on the date). That should drop prices nicely. On a good note, the notebook market has really improved over the last couple of years. You can generally find a much faster processor, with much greater battery life, better screeen, and either no fan or limited fan operation now. The new core chips are really pretty nice. Also, I understand AMD is going to slash their chip prices to compete. Both companies are trying to move as much of their old inventory as possible over the next two or three months.

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