Lists and Lists and Lists

Wade and I decided we had too many projects for our house and needed a master list. Then we decided it would be fun to have a list where we could easily change the order of the projects and edit the items. That led us to the Project Board, which is now hanging in our kitchen. The items on the left are “Do Immediately”. The ones in the middle are “Short, Easy Projects” and the ones on the right are the “Big Projects”. Thank goodness the upstairs bathroom is on the “Do Immediately” List. We have a house guest moving in on Sunday. We’ll see if the bathroom is finished by then…


  1. I love the board idea—I need one of those and someone to do everything on it for me

  2. It was Wade’s idea and that list is for him. I have my own board, but my list is much smaller and consists almost totally of painting.

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