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Wedding Number Three

The day was full of wedding preparations, but I did manage to sneak in a few Angel episodes along the way. Wade and Madison got into town after lunch and I got to see them for a few minutes before I was off again.

I think I had the best bridesmaid experience of the group. Some of the local girls had found matching shoes for us to wear and bought pairs for the out of town girls. When I tried mine on, they were too big and I couldn’t keep them on. I think this turned out to be a blessing. The shoes they picked out were 4″ heels. I normally wear flip-flops! The other girls were complaining all night and couldn’t wait to take them off. The girls were also complaining about their dresses being uncomfortable. I asked them what they were talking about and realized the stays in my dress had been removed when my dress was taken up. The other girls had these had ribs in the front and the back that made sitting difficult.

I don’t have a picture of it, but the groom’s cake at the wedding was fantastic! It was a chocolate cake with chocolate icing topped with chocolate covered strawberries. I had two pieces.

This is only the second wedding that Wade has stayed until the very end. He’s on a roll. But we’ve got two more to go – we’ll see how he does.

  1. Tell the sweetie that he is the best photog in the world—especially the i’m taking a pic of myself pic—really they turned out great

  2. I’ll pass it on to him!

  3. You guys look beautiful! Sorry the outfits weren’t too comfortable!

  4. Johnna – Mine was great 😉 and we were all having fun and glad to be in the wedding!

  5. Thank you! And thanks for all the great pics! I know some of these must be Wade’s pics, so thank him for me too! The picture of our cake looks like a professional took it. We get our cd with pics from the photographer today, so I’ll be sending out zip files or possibly cds within the next several days!

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