Want a Treat?

Madison ran away once again. Or maybe I should say she went chasing a squirrel again. We are staying at my mom’s house, which doesn’t have a fenced in backyard. I was taking Madison out without a leash – bad idea. (The leash was upstairs in our room and Wade was still asleep.) She saw a squirrel and off she went towards a busy street. I had on jeans and a shirt and not my pajamas – thank goodness. I took off after her but by the time I turned the corner she was gone. At this point I realized she didn’t even have her collar on because it had been making noise while we were trying to sleep.

I walked up and down the streets calling for her. Mom, Melissa, and Chris were all up and came out to help. Melissa even called Wade to wake him up – Madison tends to listen to him more than me. There were a lot of people outside that I talked too, but only one small boy said he had seen a small black and white dog. The small boy got his three brothers and sisters and wanted to help me look for her. The young girl even held up a kitten and called, “Want a treat?” Surprisingly, Madison rounded the corner about this time and came right towards me. I guess she was finally tired out.

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