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Shopping and Dinner

I had big plans for today – shopping and dinner with friends. There was a two hour lunch break so three of us made a quick trip to Old Navy. When we finished the meetings at 3 pm, I shopped my way to midtown. I made small stops at American Eagle (jeans), Gap (polo shirt), Wolf Camera (lens for Wade), Sunglass Hut (sunglasses), REI (flip flops), and IKEA (nothing). Then I headed on to dinner at Fellini’s to meet up with Josh, Ryan, and Emily. I hadn’t seen Emily in a very, very long time!


  1. You escpaed IKEA without buying anything? There should be an award for that!
    And what lens? You need to talk to my wife about doing nice things for her husband… I still haven’t gotten any lenes from her!

  2. To explain not buying anything at IKEA – I have been there every time I have gone to Atlanta. I keep looking for a particular sun chair but they appear to have stopped making it. As for the lens – it is a protective lens. Wade broke the last one and $18 is much cheaper than a new lens.

  3. I think we call the protective ones ‘filters’ by the way… I think I end up mostly using UV-O filters. But still very cool for getting one.
    By the way, I’ve shopped with quite a bit of success on the IKEA website. They have an option to ship to the store as I recall, if you want to save on shipping.

  4. I don’t think it is a filter if it is clear. It’s only purpose is to protect the real lens (or that is my understanding). I used filters quite a bit when I went to Africa on Safari – they made a huge difference in the pictures.
    I have looked at the IKEA website quite a bit. Sadly, the chair I want is a nonshippable item and is no longer even listed on their website. I think I am just going to have to look elsewhere. I have found a few on http://www.overstock.com that I like – and you can’t beat $2.95 for shipping.

  5. that is some good shipping…
    The UV-0 are completely clear. The Number after the filter represents the amout of light that is blocked by the filter. In this case only non-visible light is blocked so ‘0’ light is blocked from your camera. I think you can also buy just plain clear glass, but I’m not sure if you can consider it a ‘lens’ per se if it doesn’t shape incomming light. I guess a question for the physics people in the room.. 😉 I do recomend the UV-O filters though. You can get a nice multicoated lens for cheap ($15-20 or less on ebay). You want multi-coated if you are dealing with digital cameras because they are more heavily affected by internal reflections inside the lens column. Of course they can at the same time increase lens flare… so real camera people seem to divided on their use… but I can deal with some flare if it helps keep me from damaging a $600 lens!

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