Cinco de Mayo

For the first time in my life, I celebrated Cinco de Mayo. The girls at work decided we all needed to get together with our significant others and May 5th just happened to fall on a Friday. There is even a Mexican restaurant near work so Maryellen made a reservation. I went to work for half of the day and then Wade and I ran errands until time for dinner.

Dinner was a hoot. Wade and I were a little late arriving and everyone else had started the drinking, which just made everyone really funny. I laughed nonstop. Kim even started us playing a few rounds of “I never”.

My favorie quote of the night was Tina asking, “What does Cinco de Mayo mean?”
Carol was hiding in the first picture so here is one of her and her husband, Rick.

  1. You liked that comment, huh? Well, for the record, I really do know what it means, but after 3 strawberry daiquiris, I’m glad you didn’t hear some of my other comments!! We had a great time – let’s do it again soon. Perhaps another day de Mayo?

  2. Everyone’s comments were funny after the strawberry daiquiris and beers – I laughed at them all 🙂

  3. I think another round of “I NEVER” is in order for our next get-together also. It was very educational!!

  4. Did you even have to drink in “I Never”?… that game is so not fair for you to be playing. I’d be passed out in your bathroom again and you could be a designated driver!
    Hope the studying is going good.

  5. Matt – I think I had to drink once or maybe twice. Of course, I was drinking water… And I only wish I had gotten a picture of you passed out on my bathroom floor!

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