Goose in the Turn Lane

It all started with a late night ice cream run to Wendy’s. We were on our way to drop Max back at work when we passed a Canadian Goose standing in the middle of the left turn lane. We laughed and drove on. However, when we drove back by on the way home, he was still there. At this point we decided to save the goose. We pulled over, got out of our car, and proceeded to lead the goose out of the road. (He is very good at follow the leader.) Someone actually leaned out of their car and asked if the goose was ours – weird. We were just going to get him away from the road, but he kept following us back to our car. At this point, we decided to walk him back to the pond at Wade’s work (where there were other geese). We walked over grass, parking lots, construction areas, and Wade even picked up the goose to cross a fence. The goose didn’t like that very much and actually honked at Wade. Otherwise he was very well behaved. He didn’t have to be shooed or scared – he just calmly waddled on. We got him to the pond but the goose didn’t seem very interested. He still wanted to follow us. At this point, Wade made loud noises and ran at the goose. That scared him in the opposite direction. Hopefully the goose was smart enough to stay at the pond with his fellow geese.

  1. you guys are funny

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