A Day of…. Shopping

I was supposed to go into work today to meet with Brook. His wife had a doctor’s appointment so he told me not to come in till after lunch. I made lunch plans with Carol for Mexican and figured I would get a haircut and then be around to meet with Brook.

I left Anderson at 9 am and stopped in Commerce, GA at the outlet stores. I shopped at J. Crew with my birthday money and bought a few shirts at Gap. Then I went to lunch with Carol, got a haircut, and did some work. At 4 pm, Brook still hadn’t returned to the office so I carried on with my shopping. I stopped at REI (new jacket – I love jackets). Then I went downtown to IKEA to see if they had in my lawn chair – they didn’t (sadness). Next I went up to Perimeter and made a stop at Old Navy (little boy t-shirt reading “My Imaginary Friend Just Beat Up Your Imaginary Friend”), Container Store (rubber feet for my shelving unit – don’t want to scratch the new hardwood floors), Sports Authority (new work out clothes), another REI (they didn’t have the flip flops I wanted either), and J. Crew (ordered a new bathing suit). Just as I was finishing up, Jamie and her boyfriend met me for dinner at American Cafe (they have my favorite chips and dip – a close second to El Chico).

The only bad part of the day was having to drive back to Anderson. Wade was out of town and Madison was not happy to have been left outside all day.

  1. quokkaHow did you come to your best days/worst days conclusion from that link?What’s prteensed is a Flash representation of what appears to be live data eg. right now it’s showing 0 output because it’s nightime in Germany. (Which also means it’s making the same mistake as is made in the graph of wind we’ve discussing it’s treating capacity factor as an instantaneous value. This means you end up with people like Mark imagining zero wind across all of Australia for 9 days in a row rather than actual results like 30% capacity factor which is what that graph actually shows when it’s integrated across the month)*I would have thought for best days/worst days you’d have needed at least a years worth of data due to variation in day length across the seasons.Yes, I know there is a link to data but if you follow the link you don’t get anywhere you’re taken to the home page of which has no data, just an offer to set up a portal for you.* In fact as I research this a bit I’m starting to think this entire focus on capacity factor is bit meaningless, and perhaps constitutes misrepresentation. Wind farms (and solar) aren’t meant or designed to operate at near-100% and shouldn’t be compared to coal-fired plants which have been so designed.Skeptic: The CF of the solar cells on your house is only 20% so obviously it doesn’t work, hah! Me: Point 1 I’ve coupled them to storage and the system powers my house 100% of the time, I’m completely off grid Point 2 Even if #1 were not true, I’d still be reducing my use of coal fired power

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