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Will It Ever End?

I thought our work on the house would slow down after my mom’s visit. Somehow that didn’t happen. Wade and I spent the afternoon and evening working on the house. I like tedious tasks so painting trim is normally right up my alley. However, I think I’m about to reach my limit. Right now I am painting the underside of the crown molding – yuck. The difference in the room is dramatic, but in the picture you can just see the shiny and the not shiny.

Madison has been neglected lately. While my mom was here she spent all day every day in the backyard. Tonight she wouldn’t leave my side. She even brought her toys into the sunroom while I was painting. You know it is love when she’s willing to stay in a closed room with nasty enamel paint fumes.

Wade spent the day working in the yard and then tearing out the upstairs bathroom wall. He decided the wall was in really bad shape and since he needed to do plumbing work and put in an outlet (there isn’t one at all in the bathroom) this was easier. He seems to be enjoying himself.

  1. Was just filling out paperwork on our terminte insurance, which needs renewing after a year, and it reminded me that one year into the new place and K and I are still spending entire weekends doing repairs, remodeling, and home shopping. I’m afraid it never ends.

  2. Don’t tell me that!!

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