Finally We Are Getting Somewhere

After a day delay, due to a mechanical failure, mom finally arrived in Greenville. Because of all the changes that were made in her flights, I wasn’t sure of her flight number or even the exact arrival time. (Part of that might be because I didn’t write anything down when we were talking.) I got to the Greenville Airport, which is super tiny, and didn’t see any flights arriving when I thought mom should be arriving.

The man behind the American Airlines counter wasn’t much help so I called the 1-800 number. In response to the woman asking, “How may I help you?” I responded “I’ve lost my mother.” The woman thought that was funny and helped me figure out mom’s flight plans. American Airlines had gotten her a flight on US Airways, which explains why I couldn’t find the right flight on the board.

Mom did arrive and we headed home to show her our house and get some help with the finishing touches. Below is an example.



By the way, the entertainment center you see in the first picture is for sale if anyone is interested.

  1. Well now that you have the new center tell Wade he needs a bigger TV to fill in that gap. Can’t leave all that space unused!

  2. Wade and I both made that comment the moment we put this tv in the space. We won’t be buying one immediately but it has definitely been added to the list.

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