South Carolinian

Is that how I say it? I am now an official South Carolinian. Wade and I spent the morning transferring our tags and licenses to South Carolina. You have 45 days after moving to the state and this is about day 42 – nothing like cutting it close. My reasoning was that I paid an arm and a leg for my tags in Georgia and I wanted to get my moneys worth. My Georgia tags conveniently expire on my birthday, which is just a few weeks away. Having information online is wonderful. I knew we first needed to go to the County Tax Auditor and pay the personal property tax on our cars. Somehow I owe more in South Carolina for my car than in Georgia. Then we went to the DMV where we had to wait only about 15 minutes. A nice change from the long lines in Virginia and Georgia. We even had a nice young man help us, who exchanged blonde jokes with us. Below were our two choices for tags. Want to guess which one we got?

  1. I’m guessing the one on the left; that’s what I would choose anyway!

  2. I actually went with the one on the right – it has an american flag and all. I’ll post soon about the Palmetto tree that is featured on the one on the left.

  3. Hmmm…well the flag does make sense!

  4. I’d go with the less opressively “our god is great and this is his coutry” one myself. But then that’s just me, and I don’t live in SC.

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